What is VIUSID agroŽ?

"VIUSID agroŽ is a plant growth promoter that stimulates the growth and development of plants and increases their productivity"

VIUSID agro is a solution to be diluted in the water for irrigation that contains malic acid, monoammonium glycyrrhizinate, amino acids, phosphates, vitamins and minerals. All these ingredients undergo a biocatalytic process of MOLECULAR ACTIVATION that increases the effectiveness of their properties without altering or modifying the molecular structure, which benefits crop treatment in a number of ways.

The biocatalytic process of MOLECULAR ACTIVATION considerably improves the biological activity and the biochemical reactivity of all antioxidant molecules.

The method of ACTIVATION is much more effective when applied to a far wider range of water-soluble molecules.

We know how numerous different kinds of antioxidants respond to this type of ACTIVATION and also the mechanism by which the increase of the chemical energy stored in the molecules is able reduce the free radicals of oxidant molecules.
In this mechanism we have observed greater synergy between some antioxidants used, that are sometimes capable of significantly increasing their overall antioxidant capacity.

There are many factors that can influence the ACTIVATION of all antioxidants. The most important chemical and physical factors include the molecular structure, the number of active functional groups, the molecular weight, the PH, their solubility coefficient, the antioxidant capacity of each molecule, etc. along with the length of time and the intensity of the electric current used.

Not all molecules need the same amount of ACTIVATION time to reach reach their maximum capacities, being their optimization the most important parameter for the control of better performance. Once their highest biological capacity is at its most favourable peak, ACTIVATION must be suspended because, after that maximum peak, their biological capacity usually starts to drop, either gradually or rapidly.

When there is a mixture of two or more substances, the optimal ACTIVATION time is calculated beforehand for each preparation separately and this parameter should always be kept fixed.

These results demonstrate that MOLECULAR ACTIVATION is essential and necessary to increase biological activity and obtain this way the greatest effectiveness of the product in crop treatment.

Flowering continues even after fruit production

VIUSID agroŽ is an innovate plant growth promoter. It is liquid and applied to the plant diluted in the water for irrigation. It improves the initial growth conditions, producing a greater quantity and a better quality of fruits per plant or plants per unit area.

VIUSID agroŽ naturally simulates plant growth and significantly increases the yield of treated crops. This results in a higher output of farms under normal production conditions.

VIUSID agroŽ is a completely natural product that does not change the PH of the water for irrigation.

VIUSID agroŽ can be applied also as a foliar spray.

VIUSID agroŽ is harmless to the environment and animals. It is not toxic. To neither fish nor bees. Neither the product nor its containers contaminate food, forage, watercourses or other water sources.

Helps plants fight against drought, frost, heat and plagues.

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